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Seize the opportunity to showcase your services regularly. While everyone may be poised to engage with your service, the strategic weekly dissemination of your Client Acquisition Bulletin cultivates brand awareness and trust over time.

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Hello, I'm Freddie Pateman.

Having navigated the complexities of my own businesses and once spearheaded a team of 30 skilled professionals, I've witnessed the extraordinary results that collective effort can achieve. Over the years, I diversified my skill set, training as a psychologist and establishing The Confidence Clinic on London's prestigious Harley Street more than two decades ago.

Over the years I have helped many sportspeople and athletes achieve peak performance with the inner mind game.

The challenges presented by the global pandemic prompted me to channel my experience and insights into helping businesses navigate these uncertain times. The culmination of this effort is Dream Leads™ & my latest book—a concise and accessible blueprint designed to empower you with the essential ingredients to build and grow your accountancy business in any economic climate.

"Look- let’s pretend, and I’m not saying I can help you (for example I don't work with more than 5 partners), but let’s pretend you believe I may have a solution for you to grow your fitness business and the next step is to book *just a quick chat* (it's FREE) to see if we are a good fit.

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