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Pricing and Billing: The stated fee of 245 GBP per week is presented for transparency and ease of understanding. However, please be aware that billing will occur on a monthly basis, with a total monthly charge of 980 GBP. This means that the weekly amount is multiplied by the number of weeks in a month to determine the monthly fee. By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge and accept the monthly billing cycle and the total monthly charge of 980 GBP.

Subscription under Happy Confidence: As part of Happy Confidence, the services previously referred to as Dream Leads™ will be subject to charges and subscriptions managed by Happy Confidence. [Client/Subscriber Name] acknowledges and agrees to the terms of the subscription, which consists of normally seamless month-to-month contracts that automatically renew unless canceled by [Client/Subscriber Name] or terminated by Happy Confidence. Cancellations are applicable solely to the upcoming month and cannot be processed for the current month once it has commenced. This policy applies to both automatically renewed and manually renewed subscriptions.

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Earnings Disclaimer: [Client/Subscriber Name] acknowledges that examples of profit gains, income generation, and other outcomes provided by Dream Leads™ under Happy Confidence are not necessarily reflective of the average or typical experience, nor are they intended to serve as indicators of potential growth. Results may vary significantly due to individual factors such as motivation, and [Client/Subscriber Name] acknowledges the possibility of significant financial risk if due diligence is not conducted.

Rapid Results Training Course: The Rapid Results Training Course, now under the management of Happy Confidence, is provided free of charge when a month is paid in full for Dream Leads™ lead acquisition,

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